The Wisdom of a Biblical Diet

With all the unhealthy food in the world today, it’s no wonder that there is a high rate of dis-ease and dis-orders such as Cancer, obesity, and others. I myself struggle to keep my weight down, and have had Cancer.

So I began to think “What does the Bible say about diet?”

Many people think that when Jesus said “You should worry more about what comes out of your mouth, than what goes into it”, that he was giving us the “all clear” to eat whatever we felt like eating, when in fact he was talking about something altogether different.

While researching the subject I stumbled upon an informative website “what does the Bible teach about clean and unclean meats?”. It has alot of info about this subject, I intend to study it more closely. I recommend we all do the same.



The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic

Vote or Die!


It is not hard for me to imagine horns on the foreheads of professional politicians. People that seek power over the masses, and cling to that power after their usefulness has passed are borderline evil, and will sometimes do evil things to remain in control.

I was born and raised in a city called Cincinnati. It was first called Fort Washington (after George Washington). A decision was made to re-name the city, The name Cincinnati was chosen in honor of a Roman politician named Cincinnatus, who after serving his term in government (though he was very popular) returned to the fields of his farm. President Washington was a great fan of Cincinnatus, and in fact after President Washington served his term in government (though he was very popular) returned to the fields of his farm.

George Washington, as well as the founding fathers of this great country, were statesmen first and politicians secondly. A trait obviously absent in todays politics. today we have professional politicians, people who (it seems) do not know how to do anything else.

We have three such people competing for the office of President of the United States right now…

  • Someone who was (with her daughter) pinned down by sniper fire! while on a stately mission. oh but wait! she mis-remembered that. (seems to me, that if I had been shoot at, I would remember the incident clearly (which she did at the time say “I remember clearly”)).
  • Someone who can attend church for twenty years, and not know what his minister is saying.
  • Someone who is lauded a hero for being held POW for six years. Who while claiming to be a Republican, relishes his working with “the other side” more than his own side (echoes of Stockholm Syndrome?).

Of all the great people in this country, when the call goes out for a leader … this is what bubbles to the top!

Where have all the statesmen gone?

We have (I”m sure) heard it said “choose the lesser of two evils”. However when we do that … we still choose evil.

The solution? … Prayer … pray for our country, pray for our politicians. Be a bright light, after all, evil is the absence of good, where the light shines … darkness must flee.

We live in Hell … It’s our job to rise up out of it.

yours in Gnosis … Daniel.

Out of Body


In January of 2007, I was diagnosed with cancer, and had to endure two major operations (Whipple procedures), both within a weeks time. (the cancer is gone now) I was in the ICU 5 weeks. (dancing with the Reaper). I was in a Catholic hospital. When they asked my religion at “pre-admission”, I said Gnostic. Funny thing … while in the ICU many nuns, priests, and ministers came calling saying “I see you’re agnostic!” … I explained the diff between agnostics and Gnostics, and never saw them again!

But … the experience forced me to come to terms with my own mortality. I accepted the possibilities, and was not afraid.

While I was in there … I had three distinct “out of body experiences”. I don’t think it was a “near death” since I wasn’t told of flat lining or anything (though sometimes I wonder if they would tell me such a thing).

I would meet this other being, androgynous, I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. I remember saying that I wanted to go with him/her, but was turned away, but I would be insistent to the point where it seemed that I was annoying him/her. I was told “you have so much to do”… “you’ve had all this time, and you haven’t done anything”.

One thing though … my visitations with the androgynous being … my memory of the event, would always begin at the end. When we were saying our goodbyes. It’s as though I was given instructions or “let in” on a secret.

The memory would always begin like we were wrapping up a conversation, and I was told it’s time to return … maybe that is why he/she was so annoyed about me pestering him/her to just let me stay. (I did feel an overwhelming sense of love while in it’s presence).”it felt natural to be there”.

(Maybe whatever knowledge was imparted to me (if any) during those visitations, will be revealed to me in snippets of gnosis as the need arises).

Then I can remember thinking “I have to wake up”. it took a great deal of thought to become conscious again, and my brain felt like my arms would feel after doing a bunch of curls with a dumbell.

When returning to my body … it wasn’t like I was hovering over the room or anything … it was all black … with a bright spot in the distance … and as I got closer, I could see that the spot was actually my body … then when I got so close, it felt as if I was on a slide, sliding into my body … then pop! awake!… (with brain burn .. lol)

Point is … I’m not afraid of dying, not anymore, I know there is something beyond.

Since that experience … I feel the calling.

May the best of your yesterdays, be the worst of your tomorrows!… Daniel.

Begining the Studies

This is the first entry I am making concerning the priestly path … I got the materials last night, and spent some time looking through them. I must say that I am truely looking forward to this … the material was much more than I expected. I am very pleased with the subject matter, and the presentation. This is going to be very satisfying …

The Decision

After giving the matter a great deal of thought, I’ve Decided to pursue the Priesthood. There is a great need of Gnostic Temples, Gnostic Priests, and Bishops. The Golden Age of Gnosticism is before us.

After practicing ceremonial magic for quite some time. I have come to enjoy the ceremonies and rituals. I understand the need for such things, to awaken the inner being that resides deep inside, to help connect with the universal mind.

Blessed be the Source.

Now … it seems … the next step on my journey to gnosis, is to seek the authority to perform the Sacraments. Maybe, to some, this step along the path might seem to be un-needed, but my studies to this point shows the importance of initiation as a logical step from one level of understanding to the next. Also I seek the knowing that would be imparted by the oral tradition (secret school) of the priesthood (assuming that I am able to find a “knowing Bishop”).

I look forward to posting my sermons here, and readers who are attracted here are encouraged to comment.

My studies have begun to open my eyes, and I can feel the gnosis within reach. As though I am in a dark room, and the door is ajar, and the light is promissing to fill the room … exciting.